Auto Meter

Auto Meter’s High Performance Division is located in the heartland of Illinois. It’s not uncommon to hear the echoes of performance exhausts and straight pipes at wide-open throttle, thundering across the countryside, reminding us that our customers ride for much more than just sport. It’s a way of life.

We hear you. This is why Auto Meter continually accepts the challenge of creating new and innovative products, launching first class research and development programs, and hitting the track alongside our customers for product testing and racer feedback. Our company is dedicated to providing a quality instrument made by the hands of skilled American workers, right here in the United States.

Our new catalog includes exciting new products and time tested favorites. All of us at Auto Meter Products, Inc. look forward to an exciting new year on the road, and at the track. We will continue to provide you with solid, quality instruments. We are committed to keeping you ahead of the competition, with the wind at your back. And remember, when you hit that throttle, we’re listening.


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